Home Interview

Participants will first complete a computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI) in their own homes. The interviewers for Wave 1 and Wave 2 of NICOLA will be from market research company Ipsos MORI.

Detailed information on many aspects of the participants life will be collected in the CAPI including the socioeconomic aspect (education, employment, living standards, pension, assets), health aspects (physical health, health behaviours,  healthcare utilisation, current medications) and the social domain (social participation, contact with friends and kin)

The participants information will be collected on a laptop. Initial access to the interview questions is controlled by a login and password. All interview data entered onto the laptop is automatially encrypted making it meaningless to any unauthorised person looking at it. Separate databases are later utilised to separate any personal identifiable data (names and addresses) from the answers to the questions.

Why does NICOLA ask about finanial information?

It is very important for this study to assess peoples standard of living and what they can afford as they get older. It enables us to provide an overall picture about participant circumstances and how that may impact other areas of their life. We realise that people may find they are sensitive with regards to these issues but Queens University Belfast can assure that all information provided is anonymised (stripped from any identifying factors), strictly confidential and only used for research purposes. It will not be based on in any identifiable or individual way to any other organisation or individual.