What is Involved


There are 4 aspects to the data collection for the NICOLA study:

-Interview with participant
-Self Completion Questionnaire (SCQ)
-Health Assessment
-Nutrition Questionnaire

An interview will take place approximately every 2 years and a health assessment approximately every 4 years.


Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) 

Particpants who agree to take part in the study will first complete a computer-assisted personal interview in their own homes with a member from the Ipsos MORI team. This fieldwork began in December 2013. Additional information can be found here.

Self Completion Questionnaire (SCQ)

Each participant will also be asked to complete and return a questionnaire designed to explore some additional areas that were considered too sensitive for respondents to answer directly to an interviewer.

Health Assessment

After completing the home interview part of the survey each partcipant will be invited to take part in a comprehensive Health Assessment in Belfast City Hospital. The health assessments are carried out by qualified and trained NICOLA nurses. Additional information can be found here.

Nutrition Questionnaire

Following completion of the Health Assessment particpants will be asked to complete a nutritional questionnaire that will gain details on their diet over the last year.


Additional Details can be found in the attachments below:

Participant Information Sheet - Home Interview
Participant Information Sheet - Health Assessment
WAVE1 Self Completion Questionnaire Nutrition