Much of the work on Bionanotechnology is built around the interactions of nanoparticles with biological materials which range from single molecules an trace toxins to disease tissue and biomedical devices.


Nanoparticles in detection of biological toxins

C. Elliott

Nanoparticles in blood diagnostics and drug discovery

A.P. de Silva /html

Nanoparticles detection of biomolecules

S. Bell


Application of heavy element nanoparticles to enhance radiotherapy

D. Hirst Pharmacy/Re search/ResearchClusters/ ExperimentalTherapetics/

Tissue engineering

Nanoparticle additives in bone cements

J.Orr, F. Buchanan, N. Dunn T. McNally

Nanohydroxyapatite particles for bone tissue engineering and plasmid delivery

G. Dickson l

G. Walker

High performance nanoparticle composite materials for drug delivery and central nervous system repair

T. McNally


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