Supporting Your Studies

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International Postgraduate students

Supporting your studies

Queen's is here to support you throughout your studies and to help ensure you make the most of your time with us.

1. English Language Tuition

INTO Queen’s University Belfast offers a wide range of English language courses designed specifically for international students, including 10, 6 or 4 week pre-sessional courses.  Those who have satisfied the other course entry requirements and who achieve the required level of performance in the pre-sessional English course, will be permitted to progress to their postgraduate degree programme without having to re-take the IELTS or TOEFL test.

Further details are available from the INTO Queen's website

For contact details - see Useful Contacts at Queen's.

Please note that you have to meet the University’s English Language requirement before being permitted to register on to your postgraduate programme of study.

2. Students with Disabilities

The University has developed a range of services for students with disabilities, overseen by Disability Services, a centralised unit that co-ordinates support for students with a wide range of disabilities/special needs.  If you indicated that you have a disability/special need on your application form you should have received further details and a questionnaire with your offer letter.  If these details were not included or if you wish to receive further information please contact the Admissions and Access Service. 

For contact details - see Useful Contacts at Queen's.

3. University Student Accommodation

The University offers a range of accommodation for single occupancy students.  The Queen’s Accommodation and Hospitality Handbook will be available online from May 2018 together with details of how and when you can apply online.  It is recommended that you apply by 1 August.

Student accommodation will be available from 15 September 2018 (provisional date) or during the previous week if you are attending the Orientation Programme for International Students. 

Any queries about accommodation should be addressed to Elms Village Reception Office. 

If you intend bringing your spouse/family, you are strongly advised to arrive by yourself in the first instance. You can then make suitable arrangements for your family to arrive later.

For contact details - see Useful Contacts at Queen's.

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4. Welcome and Orientation

You are advised to attend the Welcome and Orientation programme for new students prior to the beginning of the academic year.  The programme covers basic academic and practical matters and enables you to familiarise yourself with the University and living in Belfast before you commence your studies. 

The provisional dates of the Welcome and Orientation programme are: Wednesday 13 September 2017 to Friday 15 September 2017

Full details of the programme, along with details of support services available to international students, will be available to applicants from July 2017 at the International Student Support website.

The website contains a range of useful advice on preparing to leave for the UK, arrival in the UK, immigration advice, living in Belfast, studying at Queen’s and other general information.  Further information is available on the International Students Support websites 'Living in Belfast' section.

The Graduate School is about intellectual challenge beyond disciplinary borders, personal effectiveness and skills development that recognises the very different life and professional experiences with which you arrive at our doors: it’s about promoting a culture of opportunity and enterprise, and a rich, diverse, inclusive social community. In short, it represents a whole person approach which aims to make you stand out in an increasingly competitive local and global job market.

The Graduate School will support you to be a Thinker, Innovator, Leader, and Communicator who is Future Ready. These five pillars guide your journey through the Graduate School, supporting the development of your knowledge-base and key competencies, allowing you to test and communicate your ideas with impact to any audience.

As well as offering a range of development opportunities, the Graduate School offers an ideal place to meet fellow students and colleagues within stunning surroundings. It also provides students with a dedicated study space with up 6 group study rooms as well as a silent study with seating for up to 65 students for computer and laptop use. Postgraduate students and staff can also use the larger Graduate School rooms for postgraduate related activities.

To find out more about how the Graduate School can support you during your postgraduate experience visit our website The Graduate School.

Teams based at the Graduate School:

•    Postgraduate Skills Development Team
•    Postgraduate Community and Information Team
•    Postgraduate Awards Team


•    The Graduate School is located north of the main Lanyon Building (it can be seen from the front of Queen's, on the left hand side).

Opening Hours:

•    Opening hours are from 8.00am - 10.00pm, 7 days a week
•    For contact details - see Useful Contacts at Queen's.

Teams based at the Graduate School:

  • Postgraduate Training Team
  • Postgraduate Community and Information Team
  • Postgraduate Awards Team


  • The Graduate School is located north of the main Lanyon Building (it can be seen from the front of Queen's, on the left hand side).

Opening Hours:

  • Opening hours are from 8.00am - 10.00pm, 7 days a week

For contact details - see Useful Contacts at Queen's.

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