Additional information for Research applicants


MPhil/PhD Applicants

You should note that if you identified a project title on your application, this offer is made on the understanding that the School reserves the right to revise the title either before admission or at the initial review which takes place within three months of the start of your research.

Successful applicants are admitted as undifferentiated research students in the first instance and would subsequently apply to their School for registration for the PhD. The normal overall period of study for the PhD is three years full-time or six years part-time, although you may submit your thesis after two years of full-time registration or four years of part-time registration. The corresponding periods for the MPhil are normally two years full-time and four years part-time.

Links to the Study Regulations for Research Degree Programmes, the Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes, the online Student Handbook and other guidance material are available at: In accepting this offer of admission you are agreeing to meet the responsibilities for your academic studies and candidacy for a research degree as outlined in the Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes.


Induction Workshops for New MPhil/PhD Students

You are advised to attend the induction workshops for students who are commencing the start of their MPhil/PhD studies. These are held at the beginning of the each semester i.e. in October and in February each year.

Further information on the workshops will be sent to you nearer the time of registration.