Request Change of Course or Year


Changed course offers

If, having received your results, you wish to be considered for an alternative course, you should complete the Enquiry Form.  Only one Enquiry Form should be submitted as multiple copies delay the processing of your request.

It is essential for applicants who receive changed course offers (notified via UCAS on form AS12C) to take the necessary action. If you fail to do so within five days, UCAS will decline the offer on your behalf.

NB This procedure should be used for a request for a change to a different course within Queen’s, rather than the Adjustment Process, which only applies if you wish to change to a course at another university.


Change of year of entry

If, having been accepted for admission this year, you decide that you would like to defer entry until September 2016, you should put your request in writing to the Admissions and Access Service for consideration by the selector. 

If you have been accepted for entry in 2016 and wish to take up your place this year, you should also put your request in writing to this Office. Permission can only be granted if places are available this year.