Themes and Tracks

Transcending boundaries:
Global Flows and Spatial Justice

The annual UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference is a key arena for academics and practitioners to share the latest research on spatial, regional, neighbourhood and community planning. The conference comprises plenary sessions, parallel track sessions and roundtables. The theme of the 2017 conference is ‘Transcending Boundaries: Global Flows and Spatial Justice’, which will provide a particular opportunity to explore the ways in which planning, development and spatial analysis engages with the multi-level and complex flows of people, finance, environmental assets and other resources across space.

The place transformations that arise from such flows present opportunities and challenges for spatial planners. Effective planning must involve approaches and solutions that at the very least are innovative, dynamic and multi-disciplinary while also traversing jurisdictions and boundaries. In the 2017 conference we want to illuminate our understanding of how planners can engage with these global contemporary issues, by seeking to engage with the following key questions:

  • Fundamentally can planning influence global flows by contributing to spatial justice?
  • How can we ensure social mobility in an era of spatial mobility?
  • What sets of skills and expertise are most appropriate for planners of the future?
  • What are the prospects for different places and spaces as we move through the 21st Century?
  • Is balanced growth and development desirable and/or achievable?
  • How does planning impact on individual, community and societal well-being across different spaces?

We welcome contributions from the planning community on how we address such question and very much look forward to seeing you in Belfast.

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