What is the QUALYCARE study?

The QUALYCARE study examines the quality of care provided to people with a cancer diagnosis in their last stages of life and is intended to help improve the care provided by local services.  It involves contacting the people who registered the death of a relative or friend, and asking them to complete a questionnaire relating to their relative’s care during the last three months of their life. 

By analysing the views of families and friends on the care of their deceased relative received, we may be able to ascertain why some people received care which met their needs and preferences, while others did not.  We will compare the experience of patients who died at home with those who died in institutional settings.  

It is hoped that the study will advance understanding of dying at home, hospital or hospice to patients and families, and help improve patient care.


The N. Ireland Cancer Registry and Cancer Focus are launching a new report  - Friday 15th May 2015.

Dying of Cancer – Perspectives of Bereaved Relatives and Friends” – Victoria Cairnduff / Deirdre Fitzpatrick

Your attendance at the launch would be very much welcomed.  It will be held on Friday 15th May in the Great Hall, QUB at 09:00, and a sandwich lunch will be served.

A programme will be available shortly for download.

Registration is free.  Please register using the online Registration Form before Friday 8th May 2015.