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KTP Associate - SensumCo Ltd, Ref: 16/104544
KTP and Business Networks, Closing date: 20-05-2016
Part-time Research Fellow, Ref: 16/104480
Centre for Public Health, Closing date: 03-05-2016
Research Assistant/Research Fellow in Social Network Analysis, Ref: 16/104511
Knowledge and Data Engineering, Closing date: 03-05-2016
Research Fellow, Ref: 16/104505
Centre for Experimental Medicine, Closing date: 09-05-2016
Research Fellow, Ref: 16/104518
Institute for Global Food Security, Closing date: 16-05-2016
Research Fellow, Ref: 16/104537
Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Closing date: 23-05-2016
Research Fellow, Ref: 16/104548
Pharmacy, Closing date: 23-05-2016