Our Vision

To expand our extraordinarily successful research in a uniquely exciting field of science - seeking the answers to questions which have occupied the human race since time began.

Astronomers at Queen’s are internationally-renowned for their work and their high rate of discovery in one of the most competitive areas of research. Tracking and measuring killer asteroids, discovering new planets outside our solar system and investigating what causes stars to explode - these are three areas of research in which our scientists are pre-eminent.

Under the leadership of Professors Stephen Smartt and Alan Fitzsimmons, students and researchers from across the world come to share in the experience at Queen’s. They scan our galaxy and those nearby, searching for their secrets. How do we fit into the universe? Why did life evolve here? Could it evolve elsewhere?

The Pan-STARRS Science Mission - the world’s biggest camera, based in Hawaii, sweeping and surveying the sky - involves a consortium of leading international universities, including Queen’s and Harvard. Data collected in Hawaii is examined in Belfast by our growing team of experts.

Our astrophysicists also share their discoveries in imaginative outreach projects with local schools. The links formed through these programmes have inspired more young people to come to Queen’s. Our graduates in Physics and Astrophysics go on not only to work in academia but also to careers in aerospace, software development, engineering, finance and consultancy.

Help our ambitious plans for further research, teaching and outreach. The impact is wide-ranging. There are benefits for the local economy - attracting new people, creating new jobs. But above all there is the enormous scientific impact - placing Queen’s and Northern Ireland at the forefront of this globally inspiring research.

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