Green Chemistry

Our Vision

To lead the way in the new industrial revolution. Green chemistry will provide sustainable solutions to global problems and ensure safer and healthier lives for our children.

The most pressing question of our time? How can we feed, house, transport and keep warm a global population set to reach over nine billion within four decades? If we are to find sustainable solutions that won’t harm the planet, green chemistry is our greatest hope.

Queen’s is already the UK leader in this research. Of the world’s top 100 scientists in the field, Professor Ken Seddon is the highest ranked from the UK, while his colleague, Dr John Holbrey, is one of only three other UK scientists on the list. Through their work, we are pioneering the development of crucial areas such as catalysis and ionic liquids so that we can reduce chemical wastage and industrial pollution dramatically and make use of safer and more efficient chemical processes and products.

Our contribution has been recognised by partnerships with some of the world’s industrial giants, including the Malaysian petro-chemical company Petronas, which has funded its research-based European laboratory at Queen’s. There are major international collaborations including in China and the Middle East.

To build on these achievements requires transformational giving to enable Queen’s to appoint more research leaders of international acclaim. The commercial impact of Queen’s research will boost our economy. Your support will allow us to translate discovery into life-changing solutions.

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