Translational research is at the heart of the Institute of Health Sciences, where pioneering work in the major diseases confronting us today will be developed into treatments to save patients’ lives tomorrow.

We are building on an illustrious reputation for medical teaching and research. From Professor Frank Pantridge, whose portable defibrillator has saved millions of lives since its invention in 1965 and Professor Mollie McGeown who led renal transplantation in the UK, to the development of beta blockers and breakthrough therapies in breast cancer and cystic fibrosis, Queen’s has helped transform medical and biosciences research. 

That contribution has grown hugely over the last decade. Professor Patrick Johnston, a world-renowned expert in cancer research, has led the expansion of our Medical School and the establishment of the groundbreaking Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology. Since it was established in 2007 this Centre has attracted leading  researchers from around the world. Our work in developing early intervention healthcare will enhance the quality of life of patients for generations to come.

Queen’s is now embarking on one of the most ambitious and far-reaching projects of its kind ever seen in the UK. Our Institute of Health Sciences will bring many of the finest minds in medical and scientific research together on one site to take the fight against disease to the next level.

Join us on the most exciting and significant stage of our journey.