Public Health


To work together to develop treatments and interventions that will transform the lives of so many who suffer from disease.

Sometimes it’s good to take your time. Many of the most important breakthroughs in medical history have emerged from long-term studies into health. At Queen’s, we are well placed to take a leading role in this field. Not only does Northern Ireland have a stable population ideal for extended studies that can last a lifetime but we are also now internationally recognised as experts in this area.

Our Centre for Public Health is one of only five such centres of excellence in the UK. Professor Ian Young oversees a team of top researchers from around the world exploring areas such as dementia, renal disease, heart disease and cancer. High quality research programmes involving collaboration between clinical experts and scientists with skills in biochemistry, genetics and statistics will improve life for all of us.

Researchers from the Centre work together at the dedicated Clinical Research Facility within Belfast City Hospital, carrying out studies that will lead to improved quality of life for patients. By identifying risk factors in individuals, clinicians can develop screening and intervention procedures that will significantly reduce the impact and onset of chronic disease in the future.

People who suffer from ill health today may not need to do so tomorrow. With your support, we can improve the quality and longevity of life for so many.