Ardoyne teenagers see behind the scenes at Queen’s

Ardoyne teenagers see behind the scenes at Queen’s

Members of John Paul II youth club worked with student members of the Queen’s University Red Cross Group (QURC) on the pilot project

A group of young people from Ardoyne has been given a taster of university life thanks to student members of the Queen's University Red Cross Group (QURC).

Members of John Paul II youth club have been working closely with the students on a pilot project which aims to introduce young people in North and West Belfast to the humanitarian ideals which are central to the Red Cross' global mission.

As part of the project the young people were given a guided tour of the University. QURC member Niamh O'Hare said: “We have been really impressed by the participation and engagement of all the kids involved in the project so far. They have really got their teeth into thinking and talking about difficult global issues like HIV / Aids and the problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers.

“We've had a great time in their environment and felt it would be fantastic if they could come and spend some time with us in the University. As a large number of us are medical students we arranged an informal tour of the medical laboratories. Hopefully the visit will encourage them to think about the many different opportunities that are out there for them."

The young people involved in the project took part in a Red Cross Everyday First Aid course, which covered the basics of first aid in a quick and easy to understand format. The QURC students hope this training and the personal development activities engaged in during the project will enable participants to carry forward their own community action projects. Their successful participation in the voluntary project culminated in the award of a personal development certificate.

Niamh O'Hare said: "We really wanted to recognise the achievements of this group. Their participation has been entirely voluntary and I think each and every one of them has taken home some very positive messages. The visit to Queen's and the award of their certificates is our way of saying 'well done’ and thank you for your contribution."

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