Centre achieves safety accreditation

Centre achieves safety accreditation

Dr Colm Donnelly, Director CAF; Dr Harry Welsh, Fieldworker & H&S Officer CAF; Brian Sloan, Assistant Excavation Director CAF;  Colin Richardson, University Safety Service; and Professor Audrey Horning from Archaeology and Palaeoecology

Successful health and safety management is important for any business, but for one Centre at Queen’s proving its safety credentials has become a necessity to secure future work.

The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF) in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology undertakes archaeological fieldwork and post-excavation projects as a consultancy, with most of the work commissioned by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. As part of the tendering process to secure government contracts, all applicants must now hold health and safety certification.

Following an independent audit, the Centre has successfully achieved third party accreditation from Safe-T-Cert, a health and safety scheme developed jointly by the Construction Employers Federation in Belfast and the Construction Industry Federation in Dublin.

Dr Colm Donnelly, Director of CAF, said: “The award of this certificate represents many years of successful health and safety management within CAF, incorporating continuous revision and improvement of safety systems. The Centre has worked closely with the University Safety Service and University Fire Officers to ensure that all staff are fully trained and capable of undertaking their duties safely in what is often a hazardous environment.”

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