New travel contract takes off

New travel contract takes off

Pictured at the Roadshow are, l-r: Marion Ritchie, Buyer; Keith Graham, Finance Director, Selective Travel Management; Kim Anderson, Business Development Manager, Selective Travel Management; and Tricia Massey, Head of Purchasing at Queen's

Staff travelling on University business can now enjoy greater flexibility and lower service costs thanks to the appointment of a new travel management company.

The new company, Selective Travel Management, recently held a Roadshow at Queen’s to give staff the opportunity to meet the new team and representatives from a variety of travel suppliers.

Speaking about the new contract, Head of Purchasing Tricia Massey said: “Selective’s transaction fees are extremely competitive and are charged on only the first element of a booking. So, not only is the service cost to the traveller very low, but travellers also have the peace of mind knowing that they have access to assistance 24/7, should difficulties arise.”

At the Roadshow, Selective demonstrated their new online booking tool which will be rolled out to university staff later in the year. The new tool will allow travellers and travel arrangers to search for and book travel online using technology similar to sites such as Expedia. Offering enhanced search facilities, the tool is being extensively customised to meet the needs of University travellers and those who arrange travel on behalf of others.

Tricia added: “Encouraging all staff to book through Selective directly, or via their on-line booking tool, will ensure that management information on travel activity is captured. This will provide the ability to negotiate preferential rates with airlines and hotels, and will be instrumental in allowing us to calculate the University’s Scope 3 (indirect) carbon emissions.”

For information on the new contract is available on the Purchasing Office’s Website.

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