Queen’s-India links strengthened

Queen’s-India links strengthened

Professor Burnett finalises the signing of the MoU with the Principal of St Stephen's College, India

The links between Queen’s and India have been strengthened with a Memorandum of Understanding between the University and St Stephen’s College, one of the most prestigious of Indian universities.

The formal agreement opens the doors for a number of collaborations, including exchanges between staff, joint conferences and research projects, internships and work-placement possibilities for students, and graduate recruitment. Although St Stephen’s has in place a number of exchanges with universities in the US, this is the first agreement it has entered into with a UK institution.

The Memorandum of Understanding was finalised by the Principal, the Revd Dr Valson Thampu, and Professor Mark Thornton Burnett from the School of English at Queen’s during a visit to India.

Speaking about the agreement, Professor Burnett said: “The agreement with St Stephen’s has huge potential. Here is an opportunity for us, as a university, to liaise with an international partner, to offer our students the chance to study in India and to welcome students from India to Queen’s in turn. There are multiple research connections between staff at both institutions, and options to be investigated for externally funded initiatives.”

Professor Burnett was in India to speak and teach on the theme of international Shakespeare, having recently published a monograph on Shakespeare and World Cinema with Cambridge University Press, the first study of its kind devoted to the importance of the non-Anglophone Shakespeare film.

During his one-week stay at St Stephen’s College, Professor Burnett presented a plenary lecture on Shakespeare and India, convened discussions, conducted workshops on Shakespeare and film (with prizes for the best student performances) and was a guest of honour at a meeting of the Shakespeare Society, one of the oldest of Indian Shakespeare associations. St Stephen’s College is sometimes dubbed the ‘Oxbridge of India’ and has a long-established tradition of mounting an annual Shakespeare production.

Professor Burnett has already been invited back to India to speak next year.

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