Former PVC publishes new book

Former PVC publishes new book

Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, John Mann

How mind-expanding drugs helped to change the world is the focus of a new book by Emeritus Professor of Chemistry John Mann.

Chasms of Delight is rooted in Professor Mann’s fascination with psychedelic, narcotic and euphoriant drugs. In it, he sets out a colourful history of their discovery and use, telling the story of mind-altering drugs, their contribution to the work of poets and artists, the iniquities of the drug trade and the popular use of drugs in the 60s and 70s.

Professor Mann has always been fascinated by the use of natural chemical products in the treatment of disease, as agents for murder and euthanasia, and for their mind-expanding properties. He has written several books on drugs, including Murder, Magic and Medicine, The Elusive Magic Bullet and Turn On and Tune In: Psychedelics, narcotics and euphoriants.

A Fellow at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Professor Mann joined Queen’s in 1999 as the McClay Chair of Biological Chemistry and spent four years as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research before retiring in 2008. His research focused on the synthesis of medicinally-useful agents, especially those active against cancer and viral infections.

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