About Us


Quercus is not an acronym; instead we take our name from the genus name in the latin for Oak which supports a greater biodiversity than any other tree in Europe. This symbolises the research ethos of the centre and reflects the University's name and symbol. 


Quercus is a focus for the development of expertise in conservation science within Northern Ireland. One of our main aims is to sustain and expand conservation experience and practitioners within the Province. We also provide an up-to-date forum for discussion and development of ecological research ideas. 




"To maintain biological diversity"


Core activity


The promotion and dissemination of research in biodiversity and conservation science.




Excellence in research, integration of whole organism and molecular approaches to biodiversity and conservation science and partnership of University, Government, voluntary and business sectors.




1.   To promote, publish and publicise high quality research in biodiversity and conservation biology.


2.   To establish and sustain innovative programmes of biological monitoring appropriate to the longer term ecological studies required to establish environmental change and its causes and to underpin habitat and species management.