Annual Review Meetings


Quercus holds a once yearly review meeting in the Canada Room of the Lanyon Building at the main Queen’s University Belfast campus. The day starts with a general session during which Quercus Centre Manger, Dr. Neil Reid and Quercus Director, Prof Ian Montgomery, introduce and summarise the research activities and achievements of the previous year. A scientific session follows consisting of five 20 minute talks from selected Quercus and NHRP staff demonstrating the breadth of Quercus research. During the afternoon, the NHRP Strategic Advisory Committee have one of their twice yearly meetings at which a  maximum of 8 senior NIEA and 8 senior QUB staff can attend. The role of this meeting is to enable senior staff from both partner organisations to be updated on progress on this particular contract. It also provides a forum for senior staff from both organisations to provide strategic input into the direction of the partnership, both in terms of research and policy. Members consider and approve the NHRP annual review contained within the Quercus Annual Report. 



Annual Reports


Quercus formulates and publishes a summary of each financial year including a scientific synopsis of each research project and an overall fiscal review.  From 2008, the annual report documents will be broken down into two sections, the first will contain a Natural Heritage Research Partnership (NHRP) annual report detailing the progress of the partnership towards each of its objectives and a summary of NHRP projects, the second section will contain a summary of research projects funded by other collaborators. The annual review will contain a fiscal table indicating the proportion of funding received from NIEA via the NHRP. The NHRP section of the Quercus annual report must be approved by the NHRP Scientific Advisory Committee before public release.