Quercus Staff


Quercus' management and research includes research fellows (post-docs), research assistants, research technicians, PhD students, interns and associated academics from the School of

Biological Sciences, School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Institute for Global Food Security and the Institute for a Sustainable World.  





Directors of Research 

        Senior supplier                      

Prof. Christine Maggs


        Quercus Director

Prof. Ian Montgomery




Core Management                      


        Centre Manager                           

Dr Emma BostonĀ 


        Centre Ecologist

Dr David Tosh





Post-doctoral Research Fellows

Dr Nathan Geraldi


Dr Ruth Kelly


Current PhD students

Anthony Caravaggi


Katie Leach



Rebecca Kyle


Edith Guilloton


  Camilla BertoliniĀ 



QUB Academic Associates

Prof. Anna Alberini


Dr Marco Boeri


Dr Alison Cameron


Dr Tancredi Caruso


Dr Sheena Cotter


Dr Moira Dean



Prof Jaimie Dick


Prof Robert Elwood



Prof Mark Emmerson


Dr Keith Farnsworth



Dr Richard Holland


Dr Jon Houghton



Prof George Hutchinson


Dr Hansjoerg Kunc



Dr Jack Lennon 


Dr Alberto Longo



Dr Niamh O'Connell


Dr Nessa O'Connor



Dr Robert Paxton


Dr Jim Provan



Dr Dai Roberts


Dr Axel Rossberg



Dr Michael Scantlebury


Prof Riccardo Scarpa



Dr Jude Stephens


Dr Julia Sigwart



Staff can be further sub-divided into those that work on projects associated with the Natural Heritage Research Partnership between QUB and NIEA and those that work on projects funded by other collaborators.

Quercus staff in the field