Quercus Director

Prof. W. Ian Montgomery

Prof. W. Ian Montgomery

Professor of Animal Ecology


BSc Zoology (1973), University of Manchester.

PhD (1977), University of Manchester:

“Studies on the ecology of two sympatric species of Apodemus”

Tel:     +44 (0)28 9097 5786
Fax:    +44 (0)28 9097 5877
Email: i.montgomery@qub.ac.uk 



Professor of Animal Ecology with over 150 publications and reports including over 100 in peer-reviewed refereed journals, edited books and published symposia proceedings. Primary or joint supervisor of 37 postgraduate students.

Member of Committee Heads of University Biological Sciences, Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside, Institute of Biology, British Ecological Society, Mammal Society, Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, British Society for Parasitology and previous editor of the Proceeding of the Royal Irish Academy; Biology and Environment.

Research Interests

  • Rodent population and community ecology
  • Community ecology of helminth parasites
  • Behavioural ecology of carnivores
  • Role of wild mammals in disease transmission
  • Community and population ecology of bats
  • Upland ecology
  • Ecology of introduced invertebrate and vertebrate species
  • Sexual selection in orb web spiders
  • Ecology and behaviour of overwintering wildfowl
  • Ecology of seed eating birds
  • Biotope and community analyses in site monitoring and designation

Recent Publications

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