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Etiquette = how you behave in polite company

Netiquette = how you behave on the internet

  1. Use lower case characters.  IF YOU WRITE IN CAPS you are considered to be SHOUTING, not very polite.  Make sure the Caps Lock is off when you type, whether it is in e-mail, chat, Moodle etc.
  2. Know your audience - only send messages to those people who need to know and don't repeat yourself.  Copying people unnecessarily into e-mails is known as 'Spamming'.  Repeating a message on a message board is known as 'Flooding'.
  3. Make sure your message is to the point and not personal.  Directing a personal attack in a public forum/copying people into an e-mail is known as 'Flaming' and could be considered bullying.  Argue the opinion, not the person presenting it.

RSCni Email Netiquette

BBC Netiquette web site  

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