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This page contains a series of items in the form of text and audiovisual resources on recent developments in the use of ICT and ILT by public sector bodies in the UK.

The main sources of the materials are eGovernment Monitor and Local Government TV.

Here are some examples from Local Government TV:

Reduce IT Spend by 85% with Open Source -  Phil Andrews, UK Director for Red Hat discusses how Open Source can contain the cost of IT projects by around 85%.

Wakefield Transforms Its Work Using ICT - Wakefield Metropolitan DC transformed its way of working with clients and saved £2M

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Saves Substantially by Converting to VoIP Telephone Services - the Service has made its contacts more effective by allowing contact from anywhere - and it saved a lot of money.

Birmingham City Council saves £3.1 million with sustainable printing solution  - steps taken by Birmingham CC to reduce their carbon emissions and save money

Safeguarding Your Citizens Against Security Breaches - an interview with Richard Steel, President of the Society of IT Management (Socitm)

Dundee City Council cuts financial and carbon impact of IT infrastructure - how a new ICT strategy is saving money and energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Smart City Vision in Edinburgh - some of the steps taken by Edinburgh City Council to rationalise and improve its services to citizens through the use of ICT.

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