Futurize Me

The problem with career choices is the worry of feeling like you don't know what kind of job is right for you.

As it turns out, every instance in our entire lives will have helped build up a profile of what kind of career is right for us. Now's the time to find out what your STEM profile is and what kind of person you can become.

Take the test

What was your favourite game as a kid?

Doctors and Nurses Fireworks Operation
Mechano Bucket and spade at the beach Cards
  Hide and Seek Chess

My Favourite TV Show is....

Nature Shows CSI ER
Brainiac Time Team Countdown
  How Do They Do It? Big Brother

When you change a lightbulb, do you...

Consider the photosynthetic effects on your potted plants
Try a different coloured bulb
Try to fix the old one first
Try to re-circuit the electrics while you're at it
Try a more environmentally friendly bulb
Calculate the speed of light
Do nothing and pretend you live in a black hole
Conclude that the lightbulb is fine, it's you that needs changing

What's your favourite drink?

Milk Coke - and a packet of menthos Coffee
Red Bull Water Anything non-alchoholic (you can't drink and derive!)
  H20 Depends on whether the glass is half full or half empty..

Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

Day at the Zoo Mixing Cocktails Skateboarding (with no protective clothing)
Go Karting Day on the beach Trainspotting
  Star gazing People watching in a cafe

At work, what would be your fashion statement?

Wellies A white coat A green face mask
A hard hat An Indiana Jones hat... possibly a whip A smoking jacket with corduroy elbow patches
  Spacesuit A pipe and slippers

Which of the following films did you enjoy the most?

Jungle Book Young Einstein Coma
Apollo 13 The Day After Tomorrow The Matrix
  A Beautiful Mind Silence of the Lambs

If you could bring only one of the following to a desert Island, what would it be?

Plant seeds Matches Sharp Blade
Wrench Swiss Army Knife Compass
  Telescope Comfortable sofa