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Bernadette Collins

Name: Bernadette Collins
Job: Graduate Engineer, McLaren Racing

Subjects taken - MEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

How would you describe a typical day in your current job?

As I am currently part of the graduate scheme my job role will change considerably over the next year. However I am currently part of the design office and my day to day job involves working with other engineers in order to model in CAD and produce drawings of car components, test equipment and jigs. Other placements will include time with the car build team, vehicle dynamics, vehicle engineering, model shop, wind tunnel, manufacturing and production control.

What career(s) were you interested in when you were in school?

I was interested in a variety of careers including Engineering and Mathematics related subjects, such as Mechanical Engineering, Accountancy and Architecture.

What made you decide to study your subject at University?

My choice of A-Level subjects (Mathematics, Physics and Technology) guided my decision towards Engineering. I had chosen subjects which I enjoyed and knew that would lead to a career than I would enjoy.

What led to you taking your current job?

My work during my degree with Queen's Formula Student team led to my decision to join the motorsport industry. The position within McLaren Racing was advertised through the Mechanical Engineering department within Queen's University. After a series of interviews and an assessment centre I was offered a position on the Graduate scheme.

What aspects do you find most satisfying about your current job?

The design and manufacture of components happens very quickly so you can rapidly see the results of your work. Also the situation is always changing so the design continuously evolves. No two days are the same.