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Tom Moody

Name: Tom Moody
Job: Team Leader, Almac Sciences

Subjects taken - Chemistry

Tell us about your role at Almac

As Team Leader in the New Technology Products department in Almac Sciences, I lead a team of Chemists, based at our labs in Craigavon, involved in the production of drug intermediaries as well as organic chemicals. I also act as general trouble-shooter and mentor and I'm always available to help and motivate my team.

Describe a typical day at Almac

Drug development can cost millions of pounds and our ability to reduce the time it takes to bring a drug to market saves money. Therefore we need to be extremely efficient with our time. We usually work flexi-time between 7.30am and 7pm. Upon arrival, we plan our day and make sure all the required chemicals and equipment are ready. As well as being involved in direct laboratory work I also oversee other projects in the lab. One of our main tasks is to determine more efficient and effective ways to produce chemical entities, which are used mainly to develop drugs which will improve human health.

How did you become a Team Leader at Almac?

I graduated with a 1st class honours in Chemistry from Queen's which included a work placement at QuChem, now Almac Sciences. After completing a PhD which focused on molecular switches and sensors based in the nanotechnology arena, I took up a full time position with Almac at their laboratories in Queen's as a temporary Synthetic Chemist, and in April 2002 I was made permanent. I was appointed Senior Synthetic Chemist in 2004 which gave me the preparation required for my current position as Team Leader.

Who are typical clients of Almac Sciences?

Almac clients include the leading biotech/pharmaceutical companies across the world, as well as agro-chemical firms and academic institutions. The Group competes on the world stage with all the major players. I always remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest brains in science combined with state of the art facilities and equipment, based here in Northern Ireland.