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Helena Lynne McCausland

Name: Helena Lynne McCausland
Job: Pharmacist Manager,

Subjects taken - Pharmacy

How would you describe a typical day in your current job?

My day has a wide range of activities from over-seeing dispensing in the dispensary to liaising with GPs to discuss individual's requirements in their drug regime. In addition I deal with a wide range of patients with minor complaints who come to their Pharmacist for advice.

What careers were you interested in when you were at school?

Anything related to medicine - such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Medicine

What made you decide to study your degree subject at university?

Pharmacy appealed to me because of its medical and scientific base with a specialisation in the study of drugs and how they affected the body.

What aspects do you find most satisfying about your current job?

I find problem solving very satisfying particularly when a patient's quality of life improves as a result.

How did your time at Queen's equip you with the personal and professional skills for your chosen career?

I found the course at Queen's to be wide ranging and packed full of relevant information. The close working relationship with the local hospitals was especially beneficial and I qualified feeling confident in my role as a Pharmacist.