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Linton Reid

Name: Linton Reid
Job: Business Intelligence Manager, ENGEN Petroleum Ltd, South Africa

Subjects taken - BSc Chemical Engineering

How would you describe a typical day in your current job?

On a typical day I would attend Industry meetings as my Company representative where a diverse range of Technical, Engineering, Legal and Financial issues are discussed relating to joint facilities.

I also get involved in high level Business Planning, Capital Investment Meetings, Technical Review meetings, etc as well as managing a small department of professional people who are involved in technical and strategic HR initiatives for the organisation.

What made you decide to study your degree subject at university?

I had a great passion for Chemistry but was not interested in spending my time in a Laboratory. I wanted a career in a Chemical field that was exciting, offered potential involvement in big projects and a diverse range of career opportunities after I had gained some experience.

What attracted you to your current job?

Working for an Oil Company I have the opportunity to meet a wide range of people from other Oil and Petrochemical companies, Government Para-statals and Regulators.

What aspects do you find most satisfying about your current job?

Its diversity and the opportunity to meet and establish relationships with a diverse group of professional people from Finance, Law, Engineering, Government, etc.

How did your time at Queen's equip you with the personal and professional skills for your chosen career?

A good technical qualification opens so many doors outside your own specific discipline. Being in the Oil industry, a chemical engineering background is almost a pre-requisite to understanding the base business. Once you have this, your degree opens up so many opportunities in diverse aspects of the business where some technical background is an absolute requirement.