safefood Networks

safefood established a number of Knowledge Networks on the island of Ireland (IOI) to further the integration of food safety and food behaviour capacities by creating linkages between professionals. The networks build on the strengths of the former research networks that ran for a period of five years until March 2009 by expanding and enhancing broad participation across disciplines and sectors of the food chain on an all-island basis.  

Aims of safefood networks

  • To develop multi-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional relationships between professionals interested in common food safety and food behaviour themes;
  • To raise awareness amongst stakeholders of current food safety and food behaviour challenges and developments at all points of the food chain, to include technological advances, monitoring, surveillance, regulatory developments and on-going research both on the IOI and internationally;
  • To provide an opportunity for the sharing and dissemination of current knowledge, practices and emerging issues on the IOI.

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Institute for Global Food Security, Queen's University Belfast

Agri-food industries are increasingly operating in global markets for production, processing and distribution.  In addition, sustainability in relation to environmental quality in both rural and urban area is of increasing concern. Responsive, high quality education is essential to ensure that agri-food and land industries remain innovative, sustainable and globally competitive.  To secure this success they need to draw on excellence in areas as diverse as nutrition, diet and health, chemical engineering, biomedical sciences, biochemistry, environmental planning & management and economics.

The Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queen's University Belfast provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in an interactive and creative learning environment.  IGFS is at the forefront of ensuring the agri-food and land use sectors maintain their competitive edge needed to meet the challenges posed by European enlargement and the global marketplace.

IGFS also conducts cutting edge environmental, food safety and nutritional research of local, national and international importance.  We provide a strong and motivating research environment and the concentration of academic staff in key thematic areas maintains international standing in these specialisms.

Professor Chris Elliott

The facilitator for the safefood Chemical Residues and Biotoxins Knowledge Networks is Prof. Chris Elliott, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast. With over 30 years experience in this area, Prof. Elliott directs a highly skilled research team at the Institute, fast becoming recognised globally for high quality research in the food safety field.

He also directs the ASSET Research Centre (established 2009) - a world class centre of excellence, bringing together a team of multi-disciplined food safety professionals from across the island of Ireland and internationally, drawing on their combined wealth of knowledge to safeguard our food supply.

Long term collaborations and knowledge transfer programmes have been forged with research institutions and industrialists from the agri-food sector across Europe and beyond.

Analysis of results from the various research initiatives is conducted on an ongoing basis in line with current EC Food Safety Directives. Where necessary, policy makers and regulators are advised of developments and policy modification is recommended.