Science Shop Awards 2014

On 23rd January 2014, the Lord Mayor of Belfast hosted the Science Shop Annual Student Awards.  These awards are made by an independent panel of student and community organisation representatives and are made to students who have carried out the most useful research projects in the Science Shop in that year. 

This year’s winners were  Tim Greeves, Aaron Hunter, Sarah Maxwell and Leanne Millar who worked with Bryson Recycling’s Claire McCallum through the Business Analysis module at Queen’s School of Management. The students examined the productivity of Bryson Recycling’s new vehicle design compared to the design of their older vehicle and the implications for waste collection.  They found that there was an 8.5% productivity increase in the new vehicle compared to the old and a 20% increase when miles per gallon were factored out.  They recommended that Bryson Recycling should consider rolling out the vehicle across all routes, and joining together some shorter routes.  They also recommended configuring the vehicle so that it can compress materials whilst on the move.

Second prize was awarded to Catherine Ward who examined the role of positive coaching in retaining players post 18 years of age in the GAA.  She concluded that positive coaching was important to maximise player potential and ensure that players continue to engage with the club longer term.  She recommended that GAA clubs might consider developing further training resources for their volunteer coaches and using student placements to help bring in fresh ideas and give students hands on experience.  She also suggested online training for coaches as a way of enabling volunteers to carry out this training at a time to suit them.  Clubs should consider establishing a club coaching committee and that senior player should be used to assist with coaching activities.