Staff Forum

The Staff Forum is being established in response to Staff Survey feedback. It is an opportunity for staff to share their views and ideas on how to improve key touchpoints which impact their experience at work, for example, development and performance. Through the Forum, solutions to matters which affect all staff will be co-created.

Role of the Staff Forum Members

Members of the Staff Forum will work together in the spirit of co-operation to address workplace matters. Members will be responsible for gathering input and ideas from colleagues in relation to institutional matters and providing timely feedback.

Forum members are expected to:

  • Prepare for and participate in a positive and collaborative way at Forum meetings
  • Gather feedback from and provide feedback to staff in their area
  • Suggest appropriate matters to discuss at the Forum that may be important to the staff in their area
  • Members must remain objective and should listen to and capture the views even when they might not agree with those views
  • Respect confidentiality, as appropriate, in relation to matters discussed at the Forum

Terms of Reference

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Staff Forum Area Representatives

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Staff Forum Area Representatives

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