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Cashless Catering on Campus

The Queen's Easy Pay flexible catering system makes it easier for you to pay for meals in campus restaurants and coffee shops.

By loading money onto your Student Card you can use it to pay for snacks and meals on campus.  You will receive your student card when you enrol after you arrive at Queen's.  Once you have added funds to your catering purse, which is held electronically on your card, you can start to use it to buy meals.

You have the flexibility and choice to buy as much or as little to eat whenever you want, for example confectionary, soft drinks or a full meal.  A typical breakfast or lunch may cost £4 to £5, or dinner may cost £6 to £7.

Payment is made using your student card at the restaurant pay point; the money comes from the catering purse on your student card.

The benefits are:

  • You do not need to carry cash - your meals have been pre-paid by you.
  • The money in the catering purse can only be spent on food and soft drinks.
  • Your parent/guardian can add money to your account from home via the internet.
  • It is probably similar to the system you had at school.
  • It is quick and easy, a faster method of paying.
  • Remember, you always have access to a range of meals whilst at Queen’s.

For information on how to add funds to your student card visit

Where can you use your student smart card to eat on campus?

All catering outlets can take the Queen’s Easy Pay method:-

  • Relish, the main restaurant at the Students’ Union
  • Starbucks at the Students’ Union
  • Café Krem at the PFC
  • Café Krem at INTO Queen’s
  • The Daily Grind at the Ashby Building
  • Clements at the Students’ Union, PEC and MBC
  • Hope at the McClay Library

For more information about all the places to eat at Queen’s please visit

There are other Money Purses on your Student Card:

  • Print and Photocopy purse – this is a dedicated purse which gives you preferential rates for printing and photocopying.
  • Student Experience Bursary Purse – this purse is updated automatically if Queen’s University receives confirmation from the Student Loans Company that you are entitles to a bursary.  It can be used for payments in Queen’s Sport, Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast Festival at Queen’s, Language Centre, Careers in the Student Guidance Centre and Information Services shop in the McClay Library.  You can transfer money from your Bursary Purse into the Print and Photocopy Purse.

You can also use your student card to pay for purchases at:-

  • The Students’ Union Shop – for stationery purchases
  • Queen’s Welcome Centre