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How do students apply for accommodation?

The accommodation application process for returning students for 2013-14 opens from 1 March - 30 April 2013 and can be accessed via the How to Apply section of this website. The applications for new students for 2013-14 open beginning of May 2013.  The online application process is quick and convenient. If students have any problems applying they can contact the Accommodation Office  for assistance. Please note that the closing date for returners applications is 30 April 2013 and the applications for new students is 1 August 2013.

Do students pay a deposit when applying?

In general students pay a deposit of £300 with their application for accommodation. For 2013-14 there are certain students who are not required to pay a deposit and full information regarding these students can be found under the How to Apply section. For those students who must pay a deposit, the £300 is required when applying for accommodation and is paid by credit/debit card when applying online. We will return this deposit if the student is not accepted onto a course at Queen's or we are unable to offer them a room.

If the student accepts an offer of Queen's Accommodation, the deposit of £300 will be held for the term of the contract and, where appropriate, during that time deductions for small charges may be taken from this deposit only with the student's authorisation. The remainder of the deposit will be refunded onto the same debit/credit card after the end of the accommodation year by 30 June 2014.

Are students guaranteed accommodation?

There are a number of student groups who are guaranteed accommodation on condition that their application has been received by the closing date of 1 August 2013.

For further information on the Allocation Policy please click here

What if a student applies for accommodation but does not get offered a place?

If a student has applied for a place in Queen's Accommodation, met all the deadlines and criteria, but we are unable to offer them a room, they will need to look for a place to live in the private sector (if a deposit has been paid it will be refunded). The Students' Union offers support for students house-hunting in the private sector and recommend that students seek private sector accommodation through 'SU Lets', the lettings agency in the Students' Union. To find out more information visit the Advice Centre section of the Students' Union website.

Can students and parents view the accommodation before they apply?

Yes we have rooms set aside in Elms Village to view during our Accommodation Open Days, on:

              • Wednesday 19 June and Saturday 20 July 2013
              • Tours will be available from 10:00am to 4:00pm every half hour throughout each day. Students can also apply online at Elms Village on these days.

How is the accommodation fee paid?

There are a number of payment methods to choose from. For example, students can pay the fee in full at the beginning of the year or they can pay by direct debit in either three or seven instalments during the year. Payment by direct debit is popular with students as the dates for payments are scheduled to coincide with student loan payment dates. Additional information can be found in the Residential Fees section.

What is included in the residential fees?

The accommodation fees are inclusive of utility bills*, contents insurance through a block insurance scheme, security, regular cleaning, TV and internet.

*Heating and hot water are at set times; Monday-Friday 7:00-9:00am & 5:00-10:00pm (3:30-10:00pm  December-February). Saturday/Sunday 9:00-11.00am & 5:00-10:00pm (3:30-10:00pm in Dec-Feb)

Residential fees for Willow Walk include security, contents insurance, regular cleaning, TV and internet.  Students living in Willow Walk have full control of their own heating times and temperature as well as electricity and pay separately only for what they use.  Cards can be topped up at Elms Village reception. 

Is there car parking available in the accommodation?

Due to the traffic congestion and parking restrictions in South Belfast, the University asks that students do not bring cars to Belfast. However, if the use of a car is essential, students can apply for a car parking permit online for the full residential year 2013-14.

A parking permit allows access to a specific parking place within the Elms Village site only. In order for a request to be considered, students must state their case in detail, specifying why they require a car parking space. If the student is successful in being allocated a space, payment in full of the permit charge must be paid at check-in.

For those students who do not get a parking permit a Pay Per Use car parking system is in operation in the two car parks at Elms Village. More details about this are available in the Car Parking section. There are no parking facilities available at our Queen's Houses.

Is there a cleaning service in the accommodation?

Yes there is a weekly cleaning service of all accommodation during core teaching periods. The housekeeping staff will clean the communal areas only, students are responsible for cleaning their own bedrooms including en-suite bathrooms.

Additional cleaning services are available to purchase during a student's stay with us and more details are available from Elms Reception and in the Guide to Living.

Does Queen's supply bedding and kitchen utensils?

No, students are required to supply their own bedding and kitchen supplies. A mattress is provided in each bedroom and students must supply their own sheets, quilt, pillows and covers. Students must also supply their own kitchen utensils, saucepans, cutlery etc.

We don't expect students to carry everything in their luggage therefore they can purchase a bedding pack (£30) or a kitchen pack (£35). These can be ordered when students are applying for accommodation. Both packs can be purchased for £60.

Are laundry facilities available?

Yes, laundry facilities are available in the Treehouse in Elms Village and in the various Queen's Houses. There is a small charge and these machines are coin operated.

What facilities are available in the Treehouse?

The Treehouse has a bar, restaurant, laundry facilies, a shop and The Lounge', a no-alcohol student common area. The Treehouse is available to all students including those living in accommodation at Elms Village and in the Queen's Houses. It is also the place where a lot of social events take place, including regular quiz and movie nights.

Is a choice of single sex accommodation offered to students?

Yes we do offer limited single sex accommodation to students in a number of locations; to see the locations of these please check the Accommodation section.

In addition, for 2013-14, accommodation for students wishing for a specific Lifestyle Option is being offered in some locations. These options are:

              • Single Sex
              • Quiet Living
              • No Alcohol


Is there support provided for students in accommodation?

Student support is available through the Residential Life Coordinators and the Accommodation staff who are there to make sure students get the most out of the student experience. They can signpost help for all kinds of academic and non-academic issues. They provide live-in support and their role is to help students deal with transition issues such as settling-in, making friends, managing money and sharing communal living space. They also organise weekly events for students in accommodation.

What type of security is provided in the accommodation?

Elms Village provides 24 hour security based at the Elms Village Reception. For those living in Queen's Houses security is provided by the Queen's security team based on the main University site. These security teams complete regular checks of all our accommodation, respond to fire alarms and deal with any issues that arise.

Are there medical facilities available at Queen's?

The University Health Centre at Queen's is a student oriented General Practice situated at the heart of the Queen's University campus close to Elms Village. New students moving to Belfast should register with the practice during Enrolment and Registration.

For students living away from home it is recommended by the Health and Social Services Boards to be registered with a GP within 10 miles of their place of residence. The Health Centre provides not only the complete range of NHS services but also non-NHS services (medical certificates, letters, medical records etc.) free of charge to registered patients who are students of Queen's University. The doctors and nurses have special expertise in sports medicine, mental health, sexual health, family planning and health promotion.

Comparison of Queen's Accommodation versus Private Sector 2012-13

University Accommodation 2012-13 (38 week contract)

Weekly Costs Standard Room Ensuite Room
Rent   £83.78  £99.51
Heating Included In Rent  Included In Rent
Electricity   Included In Rent Included In Rent


 Included In Rent Included In Rent
TV License*   Included In Rent Included In Rent
Cleaning of Communal Areas   Included In Rent Included In Rent
24 Hour Reception   Included In Rent Included In Rent
24 Hour Security  Included In Rent Included In Rent
Maintenance Service Level  Included In Rent Included In Rent
Total Weekly Cost
Annual Total


Private Rental 2012-13 (52 week contract, standard room i.e. shared services)

Weekly Costs** Malone Botanic Lisburn Road Stranmillis
Rent   £59.00  £53.00  £50.77  £52.00
Heating   £10.50  £10.50  £10.50  £10.50
Electricity   £8.50  £8.50  £8.50  £8.50
Internet  £4.00  £4.00  £4.00  £4.00
TV License  £2.80  £2.80  £2.80  £2.80
Cleaning of Communal Areas  Service Not Provided  Service Not Provided Service Not Provided Service Not Provided
24 Hour Reception  Service Not Provided Service Not Provided  Service Not Provided Service Not Provided
24 Hour Security  Service Not Provided Service Not Provided Service Not Provided Service Not Provided
Maintenance Service Level   Service Not Provided Service Not Provided Service Not Provided  Service Not Provided
Total Weekly Cost
Annual Total 
Additional Cost of 52 week Private Sector contract vs University 38 week contract

*In communal areas only.
**Average rents from NI Studentpad / Property News website, November 2012.