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Direct Debits

Direct Debit - what is this?

A Direct Debit is an instruction from a customer to their bank or building society authorising an organisation to collect varying financial amounts from their account.  The bank transfers money from your account into the organisation's account at pre-agreed dates.  This can be used to ensure regular, safe and efficient payments.

How do I pay by direct debit?

You will need to ensure that you currently hold a UK or Northern Ireland account.

Next you need to check your bank account / building society account can accept direct debits.  If you have had your account for some years, it may need to be upgraded to a 'Student Plus' account.  This is important as it could involve your account number changing.

We will send you a direct debit form before your arrival at your accommodation.  Please ensure this is completed in full and returned to the Finance team before or on your arrival.

What happens next?

Once the Finance team have received your completed direct debit form we will input these details onto our system.  You will be forwarded by email, your direct debit schedule.  This is a breakdown of your payments and your dates of payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q My parents / guardian are paying my fees do they fill out the form?

A Yes, whoever is the account holder needs to complete the form in full as we will correspond with them directly.

Q I am in receipt of a Student Loan, what Direct debit option should I choose?

A From experience, we have found that the 3 direct debit option is the most suitable. As the direct debit deductions occur in line with the Student loan payments.

Q Do I need to remember my dates of payments?

A We do send you a direct debit schedule before your fist payment.  This will outline your payment dates and amounts.  Before your payment date we will send you an email reminder and a text message reminder to your mobile.  This will remind you to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account.

Q If I opted for 7 Direct Debit payments would I pay more than if I opted to pay in one amount?

A No, none of our payment schedules incur additional charges or interest.