1st Year Undergraduate Students

New Students

There is a new Allocation Policy for 2014-15 which can be read HERE. The important point for new students are as follows:

The Application Process

Applications for accommodation are available to be made online from May 2014 for the 2014-15 intake.

Students from Northern Ireland must apply for accommodation by 1 August 2014 for their application to be considered. Applications received after this date will automatically be waitlisted and will be considered on a postcode basis.

The Allocation Process

Students from outside of Northern Ireland who make Queen’s their firm choice (UF and CF) by 25 July 2014 will be sent a room offer as soon as they apply for accommodation.

All other students will be allocated accommodation when they have been accepted onto a course at Queen’s University Belfast, for example, your status at the time of allocation must be unconditional firm (UF).

All rooms are allocated on the basis of distance – those living furthest away will be offered a place first. For Northern Ireland, distance is determined by postcodes, a ranking is available from the Accommodation Office.  Allocations will commence from Monday 18 August 2014.

Any student who is allocated a room based on their application to Queen’s and who subsequently declines or moves to another educational institution, will forfeit their room even if the student has entered into a contract.


The following students are guaranteed a place in University accommodation. 

i)       Disabled Students - A guarantee is given to any Queen’s studentwith a *registered disability whose application is received by 1 August 2014 (*registered with Queen’s University means a student who has made the University aware of their disability and it has subsequently been determined that the disability is such that it requires priority accommodation by Occupational Health).  

ii)              Applications from students living outside Northern Ireland.

iii)             Queen’s Scholars – A guarantee is given to any student who has been offered a Queen’s Scholarship.

iv)             Elite Athlete Programme (EAP) – A guarantee is given to any student who has been offered the EAP award.


Accommodation Options

Students in their first year of undergraduate study at Queen's, including international students, have a choice of the following accommodation options:

              • Elms Village (en suite and standard rooms)
              • Queen's Houses (76 Malone Road, 7-12 College Gardens)
              • Grant House (no alcohol)
              • International students can also apply for Willow Walk

 Lifestyle Options

In addition to the accommodation available to 1st Year Undergraduate Students, you can also opt for a specific lifestyle option from the list below:

              • Single Sex accommodation (some areas of Elms Village)
              • Quiet Living accommodation (some areas of Elms Village)
              • No Alcohol accommodation (some areas of Elms Village and all of Grant House)

You also have the option of living with other students who have similar interests to you.

Details of what it is like to live in these types of accommodation can be found in the Accommodation section.

Undergraduate students apply for a 38 week contract, or 40 weeks if an international student arriving to take part in the international student's welcome and induction meetings. If you need to stay longer than this please contact us to confirm dates. 

Where do I go to apply?

You can complete an application online from home, please see the How to Apply section. During the accommodation open days on Wednesday 19 June and Saturday 20 July 2013, you can apply online from the computer terminals at Elms Village.

What if I do not get offered a place?

If you have applied for a place in Queen’s Accommodation but we are unable to offer you a room, you will need to look for a place to live in the private sector. 

Looking in the Private Sector

The University encourages first year students to apply for accommodation owned and managed by Queen's.

Advice is available in the Students' Union regarding all aspects of renting accommodation in the private sector.  For further information please visit  the Students' Union website

You can search all available private sector student accommodation at www.nistudentpad.co.uk

 Other Key Considerations

Please note that students who have already completed either their first year of an undergraduate degree at Queen’s or are returning to complete a second undergraduate or postgraduate degree are classed as ‘returning students' and not as students in their first year of study. For information regarding returning students please see Returning Students.

Accommodation available to 1st Year Undergraduate Students
Elms Village
76 Malone Road
College Gardens
Grant House