Erasmus & Study Abroad Students



Students coming from outside Northern Ireland are guaranteed a place in accommodation, this includes those students taking part in the Erasmus or Study Abroad programmes for one semester.


Accommodation Options


The following locations and options are available:


      • Elms Village (the choice is en suite, standard or twin rooms)
      • Queen's Houses (76 Malone Road, 7-9 College Gardens; the choice is small standard rooms, twin rooms, standard rooms or premium rooms )
      • Grant House (all this accommodation is designated with a lifestyle of 'No Alcohol'); all rooms are single standard rooms.


Lifestyle Options


In addition to the accommodation locations available to Erasmus and Study Abroad students, you can opt for a specific lifestyle option from the list below:


      • Single Sex accommodation (Elms Village)
      • Quiet Living accommodation (Elms Village)
      • No Alcohol accommodation (Elms Village and Grant House)


You also have the option of living with other students who have similar interests to you.


Details of what it is like to live in these types of accommodation can be found in the Accommodation section.


Where do I go to apply?


Students requiring accommodation for Semester 1 in 2014-15 should apply online from May 2014. You are not required to pay a deposit of £300.00 until you are offered a place in accommodation. Students should apply by the 18 July 2014 if studying for Semester 1 only; students studying for Semester2 should apply by 21 November 2014.


Your can read the full allocation policy at this link,  Allocation Policy 2014-15   


Students can apply for a single semester contract or a 38 week contract if studying for a full academic year. Dates of these contracts are detailed below:


      • First semester contract;
        20 September 2014 – 26 January 2015
      • Second semester contract;
        28 January 2015 – 13 June 2015
      • 38 week contract;
        20 September 2014 – 13 June 2015


Other Key Considerations


If your course is short-term, that is, only lasting one semester, The University's accommodation may only be reserved for a minimum of one full semester. A student accepting an offer of accommodation will be required to pay fees for one semester even if the duration of the study placement is less than one semester or the student decides to leave their accommodation early. This applies to all Erasmus/Study Abroad students including those from EU and Republic of Ireland. For further information please contact Elms Village reception to speak to the Accommodation Manager.









Accommodation available to Erasmus and Study Abroad Students
Elms Village
76 Malone Road
College Gardens
Grant House