Postgraduate Students

Accommodation Options

Postgraduate students at Queen's have a choice of the following accommodation options:

              • Willow Walk (opened September 2012) - offers a mix of studio and 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

Willow Walk is available for 38, 40 and 51 week contracts. 

Details of what it is like to live in these types of accommodation can be found in the Accommodation section.

Contract Details:

Postgraduate students apply for either a 38,40 or 51 week contract depending on their needs. If you need to stay longer than this please contact us to confirm dates.

              • 38 week contract: 20 September 2014 – 13 June 2015

              • 51 week contract: 27 September 2014 – 19 September 2015

Where do I go to apply?

You can complete an application online, please see the How to Apply section. As of 1 June 2014, if you come for a tour of the University's Accommodation, you can apply online from the computer terminals at Elms Village. To be eligible for a place in university accommodation you will need to have met the following criteria: 

              • Applied for accommodation before 1 August 2013 if coming from Northern Ireland.

              • Be accepted onto a course at Queen's at the time of allocation i.e. you must have accepted an unconditional offer and your academic status is (UA)


Students coming from outside Northern Ireland are guaranteed a place in accommodation. Please read the  Allocation Policy 2013-14 for further details.

What if I do not get offered a place?

If you have applied for a place in Queen’s accommodation, met all the deadlines and criteria, but we are unable to offer you a room, you will need to look for a place to live in the private sector.  

Looking in the Private Sector

The University encourages first year students to apply for accommodation owned and managed by Queen's.

       Advice is available in the Students' Union regarding all aspects of renting accommodation in the private sector.  For further information please visit            the Students' Union website

       You can search all available private sector student accommodation at

Other Key Considerations

Please note that students who have already completed either their first year of an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University or are returning to complete a second undergraduate or postgraduate degree are classed as ‘returning students' and not as students in their first year of study. For information regarding returning students please see Returning Students.

Accommodation available to Postgraduate Students 
Willow Walk