Kitchen Kitchen
Living Room Living Room
Bedroom Bedroom
Bathroom Bathroom

Fitzwilliam Street


              • 1 bedroom - £545 per month
              • 3 bedroom - £700 per month


              • Located within a 5 min walk of the main University
              • 8 x 1 bedroom apartments
              • 2 x 3 bedroom apartments

All these apartments are fully furnished and the specification includes:

              • Cooker, microwave, fridge/freezer, kettle, toaster, iron and ironing board, clothes dryer stand, crockery, cutlery
              • Washing machine, basic cleaning equipment
              • Vacuum cleaner
Living Room
              • Furnished with soft seating, dining table and chairs
              • Television is not provided
Main Bedroom
              • Double bed
              • Wardrobe, drawers and bedside cabinet
              • Additional bedrooms have a single bed
              • Electric central heating
              • External communal areas/gardens are maintained


*Subject to annual review (August annually)