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Career interview videos

All researchers should make time to reflect on and plan the stages of their career.  These webpages provide a range of information and below you will find a series of interviews with senior academics discussing some of the issues surrounding research careers.  A number of questions were posed and each of the academics provided their own views on implications for researchers. 

The academics who generously took part in these interviews are:
    • Professor Alan Hibbert: Engineering and Physical Sciences
    • Professor Terry Lappin: Medicine, Health and Life Sciences.

What advice would you give to a new researcher about how they could establish their research independence?
Prof. Lapping         - Prof. Hibbert
How could a researcher who is starting out build up contacts?
    - Prof. Lapping
How soon should you start doing your independent research?
    - Prof. Hibbert
How important is it to spend time working outside the UK?
    - Prof. Lapping
If a researcher wants to find out more about an interesting academic position before applying, how should they go about this and what would be the most important and appropriate questions to ask?
   - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
How important is it to develop a network of academic contacts in other institutions and how would you suggest going about it?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
At what stage in a research career do you think you should think seriously about applying for an academic position?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
How important is it that research is carried out somewhere other than where you did your PhD?
    - Prof. Hibbert
The Research Councils are keen on cross-disciplinary research.  What are the pros and cons of this approach?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
How can researchers gain lecturing, mentoring and administrative experience?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
What, in your opinion, would be the indicators that a researcher is not realistically capable of securing an academic position?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
What advice would you give to a researcher preparing their academic CV for a lectureship position?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
The Research Councils are keen to develop researcher's involvement in public engagement.  In your experience, do academic assessors value these activities?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
How can a young researcher make themselves stand out from the crowd?
    - Prof. Lapping
How do you get your research impact across when seeking funding?
    - Prof. Hibbert
 How easy is it to get 'pump prime' funding for research?
    - Prof. Lapping 
What, non-technical, interview questions are commonly asked in such interviews?
    - Prof. Lapping            - Prof. Hibbert
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