Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use
Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use
Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use

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Development of a low cost technology for in-situ treatment of groundwater for potable and irrigation purposes

The Asia Pro Eco Programme is dedicated to the improvement of environmental performance in Asian economic sectors through the exchange of environmental policies, technologies and practices, and to promote sustainable investment and trade between the European Union Member States and South Asia, South-East Asia and China.
The project goal is to establish technology partnership with the incorporation of diagnostic tools to support an eco-friendly and low cost treatment scheme to generate water for drinking and irrigation purposes in an arsenic alert zone in eastern India.  The project target groups will include over 70 million marginalized people whose quality of life might be improved as well as local enterprises, which are willing to participate in this vast economic activity for common benefit.  The main activities will include recommendations for:

  • Establishing low cost subterrean arsenic removal,
  • Improvement in agricultural and farming practices to reduce arsenic contamination in the food chain,
  • Enhancing trade between the EU and Indian farming sector through a buyer-seller meet and trade exhibition,
  • And dissemination of knowledge through workshops, reports, this website and a technology pavilion.

The project outcome will benefit the food and agricultural industries as well as technical service providers, consultants, policy-makers, and the surrounding local communities.