Fourth US-UK Medical Sociology Conference:

Expanding Perspectives on Health, Illness and Medicine

A Residential Conference


June 14 -16 2012

School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work


Queen's University Belfast

Northern Ireland


The Fourth US-UK Medical Sociology conference is a meeting designed to bring together scholars with common interests in a small group-setting to network, debate, share ideas and forge new ground in medical sociology.  Participation is limited to approximately 100 delegates.


This is a residential conference and thus we ask all participants to stay at either of the conference accommodation options.  All attendees take meals together and attend all plenary sessions and working groups.  The registration fee is all-inclusive except for accommodation.  The Conference convenes on June 14 at 5:00 pm and continues through 3:00 pm on June 16. 


Each attendee is required to submit an abstract and select a working group for the duration of the meeting.  The Abstract is part of registration and the working group selection material will be sent out approximately one month before the conference. For the Conference an Abstract should be 200 -400 words describing particiants interests and research in medical sociology. The Abstract is a vehicle for participants to get to know one another and so that all participants are listed in the conference programme.


Our thanks to the Medical Sociology Section of ASA, Foundation for Sociology of Health and Illness and Queen's University Belfast School of Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy for their support of the conference.

US-UK Medical Sociology Conference 2012

Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland