Broadly speaking, the main topic areas to be covered at ICXRL 2008 are likely to be:-

  • Transient Collisional X-Ray Lasers
  • Table-Top High Repetition Rate X-Ray Lasers
  • Optical-Field-Ionised (OFI) X-Ray Lasers
  • Theory and Simulation of X-Ray Lasers
  • High Order Harmonic Generation
  • XUV Optics and X-Ray Laser Applications
  • Capillary Discharge X-Ray Lasers
  • Alternative Sources of coherent XUV Radiation

One page abstracts describing recent work in these or closely related areas are invited for consideration.  These will be considered for possible presentation as contributed oral papers or as poster papers.  Authors should indicate their own preference at time of submission. 

The abstract should be in a form suitable for direct incorporation into the conference Booklet of Abstracts which will be provided to all delegates on arrival.  It should clearly show the title, author names and affiliations along with a concise and self-explanatory text describing the main features of the research in question.

In case minor editing is required we ask that all abstracts are submitted as MS Word documents, using Times New Roman and font size 12.

Abstracts should be submitted by 4th July 08 and authors will be advised within 2 weeks whether or not the paper has been accepted as an oral or poster presentation.

Please submit abstracts as attachment to e-mails addressed to  xrl2008@qub.ac.uk