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Conference Programme

    Session 1     Mon 18 Aug 2008    

09.10-09.20       Opening Remarks

09.20-09.50        Rus, Bedrich    PALS Centre

Optimisation of multi-mJ soft X-ray lasers, applications in plasma probing and high energy density in matter experiments

09.50-10.20        Tetsuya, Kawachi    Japan Atomic Energy Agency 

Recent progress in x-ray laser reseach in JAEA

10.20-10.40        Kuehl, Thomas    GSI, Darmstadt

Versatile high-energy and short-pulse operation of PHELIX

    Session 2    Mon 18 Aug 2008  

11.10-11.40        Dunn, Jim    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory     

X-ray laser interferometry of confined laser-produced plasmas

11.40-12.10        Noh, Do Young    Gwangju Inst of Science and Tech   

Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging: an application for x-ray lasers

12.10-12.30        Booth, Nicola    University of York

Ablation rate measurements using Ni-like Ag x-ray laser transmission

12.30-12.50        Marconi, Mario    Colorado State University        

Soft x-ray holography with wavelength resolution

    Session 3    Mon 18 Aug 2008   

14.00-14.30        Rocca, Jorge J    Colorado State University               

High coherence injection-seeded table-top soft x-ray lasers at wavelengths down to 13.2 nm and other advances in compact soft x-ray lasers

14.30-15.00        Ros, David    Laserix, France  

Present status and perspectivesfor the French LASERIX facility

15.00-15.20        Namikawa, Kazumichi    Tokyo Gakugei University        

High sensitive characterisation of micro-domain structures inPZN-PT (91-09)  by soft X-ray laser

    Session 4    Mon 18 Aug 2008   

15.50-16.20        Pert, Geoff    University of York        

The scaling of recombination following tunnel ionisation and its suitability for generating X-ray laser gain

16.20-16.50        Sebban, Stephane    ENSTA-Ecole Polytechnique     

High quality soft x-ray laser beam at 32.8 nm

16.50-17.10        de Dortan, Francois    LIXAM        

Influence of the number of levels on the modelisation of collisional X-ray lasers

    Session 5    Tues 19 Aug 2008 
09.00-09.30        Rhodes, Charles K    University of Illinois  

Power scaling optimizaiton of 2.9 angstrom Xe(L) x-ray amplifier into multi-petawatt  regime
09.30-10.00        Vinogradov, Alexander    Lebedev Physical Institute 
Design study of compact Thomson X-ray sources for material and life sciences  applications

10.00-10.20        Burtsev, Vladimir    DV Efremov Scientific Research Institute 

Complex numerical research and optimizaiton of EUV laser on hydrogen-like ions of  nitrogen in low-inductive discharges

10.20-10.40        Vrbova, Mira    Czech Technical University Prague

Modelling of capillary Z-pinch recombination pumping of hydrogen-like ion EUV  lasers

    Session 6    Tues 19 Aug 2008  

11.10-11.40        Midorikawa, Katsumi    Laser Technology Laboratory          

Coherent water-window x-ray generation by phase-matched high harmonics in neutral media

11.40-12.10        Nam, Chang Hee    KAIST  

Spectral characteristics of strong high harmonics generated in a  two-color laser field
12.10-12.30        Kim, Chul Min    Advanced Photonics Research Institute
Propagation of a high-harmonic pulse through a population-inverted medium

12.30-12.50        Goddet, Jean-Philippe    Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquee

Compact diffraction-limited laser beam in the soft x-ray range

    Session 7    Tues 19 Aug 2008  

14.00-14.30        Tschentscher, Thomas    DESY

Application of extremely bright and coherent soft and hard x-ray  free-electron laser radiation

14.30-15.00        Wark, Justin    Clarendon Laboratory

High energy density science on 4th generation x-ray sources

15.00-15.20        Cipicca, S    Strathclyde University

X-ray production techniques using laser plasma accelerators

    Session 8 : Posters    Tues 19 Aug 2008    

15.30-18.00            Poster list

Session 9    Wed 20 Aug 2008
09.00-09.30        Balmer, Juerg    Institute of Applied Physics  
Recent progress in grazing-incidence-pumped x-ray lasers in UNI-BE

09.30-10.00        Klisnick, Annie    LIXAM  

Recent developments on GRIP X-ray lasers, seeded or unseeded

10.00-10.20        Notley, Margaret    CLF  

Central Laser Facility high power laser capabilities applied to X-ray laser science

10.20-10.40        Ochi, Yoshihiro    Japan Atomic Energy Agency  

New driver laser system for double target X-ray lasers

    Session 10    Wed 20 Aug 2008   

11.10-11.40        Lin, Jiunn-Yuan    National Chung Cheng University

High brightness optical-field-ionization x-ray lasers driven in plasma waveguides

11.40-12.10        Suckewer, Szymon    Princeton University

Toward ultraintense compact RBS laser for 3.4 nm OFI laser

12.10-12.30        Robillart, Bruno    Lab de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas  

Modeling of an ultra-short X-ray laser pulse amplificaiton through an optical-field-ionized gas using a Maxwell-Bloch treatment

    Session 11    Thurs 21 Aug 2008  

09.00-09.30        Nilsen, Joseph    LLNL  

Advances in understanding the anomalous dispersion of palsmas in the x-ray regime

09.30-10.00        Tallents, Greg    University of York

X-ray lasers as probes of plasma parameters

10.00-10.20        Sun, Jinren    Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma  

Experimental diagnosis of plasm jets by using X-ray laser

10.20-10.40        Rocca, Jorge J    NSF ERC     

Warm photoionized plasmas created by soft X-ray laser irradiation of solid targets

    Session 12    Thurs 21 Aug 2008   

11.10-11.40        Zepf, Matthew    Queen's University Belfast  

High harmonics from relativistically oscillating plasma surfaces - a high brightness attosecond source at keV photon energies

11.40-12.10        Jaroszynski, Dino    University of Strathclyde  

X-ray sources based on laser driven plasma wakefield accelerators

12.10-12.30        Hasegawa, Noboru    Japan Atomic Energy Agency  

Polarization control of the x-ray laser by the pulse-power magnet

12.30-12.50        Kozlova, M    Acad of Sciences of the Czech Republic

High resolution X-ray laser backlighting of plasmas using spatial filtering technique          

    Session 13    Thurs 21 Aug 2008   

14.00-14.30        Artyukov, Igor    Lebedev Physical Institute  

Graded multilayer optics for high resolution imaging in the 'carbon window' spectral region (4.5-5 nm)

14.30-15.00        Menoni, Carmen    Colorado State University  

Advances in nanoscale resolution soft x-ray laser microscopy

15.00-15.20        Wang, Zhanshan    Institute of Precision Optical Engineering  

Development of multilayer optics in EUV, soft X-ray and X-ray range at IPOE  

    Session 14    Thurs 21 Aug 2008   

15.50-16.20        Daido, Hiroyuki    Japan Atomic Energy Agency  

Review on recent high intensity physics experiments relevant to x-ray and quantum beam generation at JAEA

16.20-16.40        Guilbaud, Oliver    LIXAM  

Fourier-limited seeded soft x-ray laser pulse

16.40-17.00        Mocek, Tomas    Institute of Physics  

Efficient surface modification of solids by dual action of XUV/Vis-NIR ultrashort pulse       

    Session 15    Fri 22 Aug 2008   

09.00-09.30        Janulewicz, Karol    Gwangju Institute of Science and Tech  

GRIP geometry: double-vs single-pump laser pulse arrangement

09.30-09.50        Zielbauer, Bernhard    Universite Paris Sud 11  

Double-strand breaks in DNA samples induced with LASERIX

09.50-10-10        Zimmer, Daniel    GSI  

An improved double-pulse non-normal incidence pumping geometry for transient collisionally excited soft X-ray lasers

10.10-10.30        Cheng, T    China Univer of Mining and Technology  

Effects of inhomogeneous incident line focus on 2D hydrodynamic behaviours of x-ray laser plasma on slab

    Session 16    Fri 22 Aug 2008   

11.10-11.40        Kim, Hyung Taek     Advanced Photonics Research Institute  

Characteristics of x-ray lasers pumped by 10-Hz Ti:Sapphire laser system at APRI

11.40-12.10        Tuemmler J (Nickles, PV)    MBI  

Towards a 100 Hz X-ray laser station

12.10-12.30        Kato, Yoshiaki    Grad School for New Photonics Industries  

Network research centers on frontiers in optical science

12.30-12.50            Closing Remarks