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DTP - Image Gallery

The following video demonstrates how to add a piece of content to a web page using the DTP - Image Gallery content type.  

  • This content type allows you to add images to a web page, which can then be clicked on and scrolled through in a continuous image gallery. 
  • You need to create a separate block of content for each image.
  • A row of 4 images is recommended.
  • A full page image gallery can be created over multiple rows by adding additional images. For example, an image gallery containing 12 images requires you to create 12 individual blocks of content. 
  • You can add a caption for each image.
  • You will need two images to create each block of content. The first image is the smaller thumbnail. The second image is the full size large image which will open in the gallery window. Thumbnail images must be square. Both images are uploaded into the same block of content.

The following video creates 4 blocks of content, each using the DTP - Image Gallery. Together they create a row of 4 images on the web page. The image dimensions used in this video are:

  • Thumbnail: 252*252 pixels

DTP - Image Gallery banner 1

  • Large: 661*441 pixels

DTP - Image Gallery banner 2

DTP - Image Gallery Video

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