The Graduate School


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A state of the art facility

providing a supportive learning environment

Meet and socialise with other postgraduates in a relaxed and friendly environment. The Graduate School is equipped with a range of facilities to support your studies.

Available Facilities

The Graduate School is equipped with a range of facilities to support your studies.

  • Group study and teaching rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Training facilities
  • Social spaces
  • Silent study area for up to 65 students

You can also use the Graduate School to host your events and activities such as conferences, seminars and presentations.

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University Facilities

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University Facilities

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Support Services

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Support Services

Booking a room

Postgraduate Students

Students are able to book our Group Study Rooms (GR) via your own Queen's Online account. The booking system is accessible under Administration > Graduate Study Room Booking.

Further information for students

If you have any issues with the student booking system we advise in the first instance that you try another internet browser, if this does not fix the issue, please contact I.T. directly at and send a screenshot or description of your issue.  We would note that study room bookings can be made a day beforehand and no sooner, in line with how other group study rooms in the university operate.  Should you wish to make a bookings for non-study purposes please contact the Graduate School for advice.


Queen's Staff Members

Staff can book any of our Teaching Rooms (TR) via Room Bookings on your own Queen's Online account, under Teaching Rooms.

Further information for staff

We ask that staff avoid booking Student Group Study (GR) rooms where possible, as these are required all year round by Postgraduate Students, who are unable to book in advance.  Please note the usual university regulations of room use for Teaching Rooms apply, however catering can be booked and consumed outside of the room, please ensure that the Graduate School is made aware of this.  Should you have any queries please contact the Graduate School for further advice.

If you have any queries or issues please contact us at or on (028) 9097 2585 and we will be happy to assist.

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