The Graduate School

Our Team


We are the Postgraduate Information and Community Team

The Postgraduate Information and Community Team provides advice and support for Postgraduate Students. From room bookings for Postgraduate events, Postgraduate Taught training sessions, to general information and guidance, our information assistants are here to assist with almost every aspect of postgraduate study.  In addition to being the first point of contact for students using the Graduate School, the team is directly engaged with students, organising regular Postgraduate community events within the School, entrepreneurship and our weekly Postgraduate Updates.

We are the Postgraduate Awards Team‌

The Postgraduate Awards Team are responsible for the management, administration and payment of postgraduate studentships and funding awards across the University.  You can find all of the funding information on our website.  Any queries should go through‌

We are the Postgraduate Training Team

The training team coordinate and run the Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme and the Postgraduate Induction Programme.  They also provide skills training and consultancy for postgraduate students.  The student-led initiatives programme, which provides funding for events organised by students, is also managed by the training team.  You can contact them at