The Graduate School

PGR Induction

Postgraduate Research Degree Regulations & Code of Practice

QUB Study Regulations for Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes can be found here.  The regulations offer guidance to PGR students on regulations such as:

  • Registration
  • Period of study
  • Interruption to study
  • Progress
  • Assessment/Award
  • Appeals

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) produces the UK Quality Code of Higher Education (the Quality Code) which acts as the definitive reference point for all UK higher education providers.  It outlines what higher education providers are required to do, what they can expect of each other, and what the general public can expect of them.  This QUB (CoP) has been developed with full cognisance of the QAA Quality Code, Chapter B11, Research Degrees.

Student Handbook

The Postgraduate Research Student Handbook provides information for PGR students in the following important areas:

  • Academic procedures and regulations
  • Student resources and responsibilities
  • Student support and development
  • School information

School Induction

The central induction day does not provide information relating to Schools or to student services.  Schools therefore have a responsibility for inducting students into the following areas:

School-related information

  • School buildings and student workspaces
  • Health & safety
  • Knowledge of key contacts in the School and their roles/responsibilities
  • Information technology
  • School events
  • Student representation

Further Information

Information and services that are of particular benefit to Postgraduate Research Students: