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Regulations and Expectations

There are no formulas for completing a research degree, but there are general requirements and standards that students should be aware of from the outset of their PGR programme. Although expectations of students will vary according to the particular research degree being undertaken, it is important that you understand what you are expected to demonstrate and achieve overall.

The Research Degree Programmes section contains the following sections of particular relevance to PGR students.

As a Postgraduate Researcher, one of the most important documents are the Study Regulations, found on the above page. At the early stage of the research degree, information of relevance includes sections on registration; interruptions to study including regulations governing absence and/or inability to study due to illness; and progress including supervision, progress monitoring and the Annual Progress Review.

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) produces the UK Quality Code of Higher Education (the Quality Code) which acts as the definitive reference point  for all UK higher education providers. The purpose of the Queen’s University Code of Practice (CoP) for Research Degree Programmes is to demonstrate how the University meets the expectations of the Quality Code. The CoP is a very useful guide for students, staff and other stakeholders in relation to the completion of a research degree. However, staff and students should refer to the Study Regulations in the first instance.

If you are in receipt of a funding award it is also important to be aware of the requirements of your funding body.  Conditions of studentships can be viewed by clicking here and selecting the appropriate section.

Further Information

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