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Getting Your Research Degree


Getting Your Research Degree

Useful information to help you as you embark upon your PhD

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Embarking on a PhD is an exciting prospect but it can cause anxiety in students as they begin to grapple with the range of potential challenges that face them. For example, many students are surprised at the levels of self-motivation and self-discipline required of them at this level, particularly in comparison to undergraduate or even postgraduate taught degrees. With no classes to attend, no exams to revise for and no coursework to complete, the well-known building blocks of education have been whisked away. However, it is important to know that, while independence in thought and action is very important, postgraduate research students are not alone. This section of the website provides students with key information designed to help them successfully complete the early stage of their PhD life-cycle. It is important to bear in mind that, by its very nature, each and every research project is unique, resulting in a correspondingly unique experience for each  student. As such, there are no special formulas for PhD success. However, this guide aims to provide students with an awareness of the general requirements, standard elements and important milestones that lie ahead, transforming obstacles into manageable challenges that ensure they start off on the right path.